Safe Online Shopping in Pandemic

May 24th, 2021

As the world enduring one of the most uncertain and difficult time in history, practising social distancing, and trying to keep fitness level up in the routine. In the middle of this pandemic fight, shopping for clothes and non-essentials can seem footling. The coronavirus has, along with other non-essentials, transferred shopping to happen online shopping only. However, retailers and other consumers have increased their presence in online activities. A recent report from McKinsey & Company observed that more than 37% of people are spending their time in online activities due to the current pandemic situation. The current situation has forced the countries around the world either to go for lockdowns or enforcing strict measures of social distancing rules. According to multiple research reports, it has been observed that a lot of online shopping activities shown in the stats around the globe. 

With the rise in online shopping activities, it has become a buffet table for cybercriminals but we need the right ways for safe and best online shopping during the current pandemic situation. You need to enlist certain security precautions before entering e-shopping mode. If all the measures are taken correctly then shopping online is easy, convenient, and safe. 

  1. Pay attention to the network: If you are trying to make a purchase when not at home, always make sure that you are connected to secure internet or data services. If it’s your habit of connecting to free Wi-Fi or named as “Free Wi-Fi” or something similar, then you should always reconsider that you need to do shopping through that network. There are more chances that cybercriminal has set up the Wi-Fi network to capture your personal information. Safety advice – always avoid using public computers for online shopping. 
  2. Select apps carefully: Carefully review what permissions an app requires from you when you install it for the first time on your device. We never questioned an app developer, is it really necessary for an app to access pictures, GPS location, camera and contacts? Some of the applications want to track every keystroke in your phone which included any credentials or credit card data. 
  3. Safe surfing: Always make sure that your devices are protected with anti-malware suits and user interface is up to date. Anti-malware suits contain anti-virus, firewall protection, web filter, and phishing protection. Always use a trustworthy VPN service if you are willing to use public networks. Whenever you need to make an online payment, make sure it is and not This is what appears as a small padlock in the address bar.
  4. Web shops or online stores: If you are willing to shop in an online store that’s new to your bucket list, there are things that you always need to keep in mind for safe and secure shopping. Most of the websites may appear trustworthy, but you need to cross-check that if the company exists or not for the goods that you intend to buy. Avoid clicking on the ad banners in the emails or on the web you see if you are not sure that the links are legitimate. If you sense the link is unusual then do not click on it. 
  5. Secure payment: All the trusted websites will have a secure mode of payments through Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or direct payment from the online bank. Always make sure to check your bank account statement and email after making a transaction on the website.


Remember, these are quite a few steps that you need to keep in mind before making an online purchase. Online safe and secure shopping is all about a good payment gateway, which isn’t only beneficial for customers but also for the reputations of the brands. Trusted websites always make the payment gateway easy to implement, reduces the time, and efforts of the customer. 

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