Deepika Padukone Inspired Outfits-Kissing Kin Shirt & Gaiety Dress

January 21st, 2020
Gaiety Dress & Kissing Kin Shirt

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Deepika’s Kissing Kin Shirt & Gaiety Dress

Leaving for a trip means travelling in a comfort zone and comfort zone comes with wearing comfortable clothes which will make your trip awesome by keeping a smile on your face no matter the place and weather. We at always think about our consumers and maintaining their trust in us. We are here with Kissing Kin Shirt, which is perfect for a family picnic trip or romantic date worn by Deepika Padukone in the movie Tamasha. In the movie, actor Ranbir Kapoor and actress Deepika Padukone took-off from their respective life and planned a vacation to Corsica, where they both meet, travel together, and they do pranks together. In that process, there is one song which is adding salt to the movie. In which, Deepika is wearing a Kissing Kin Shirt which is made in thin see-through fabric with lips print on it, under that, she is wearing a navy blue gaiety dress which is looking aesthetic, adds masala to the song.

This dress can be worn on a date or for any pool party. You will look stunning and elegant. If it is a theme-based party, then you are already nailing the theme which gives very confident vibes from the look. Even if anyone wants then they can wear the dress and shirt as the combo, or they can wear it as two individual dresses, and for that, you need to check our site for the latest offers and trending styles.

deepika padukone tamasha dress online shopping

Deepika Padukone tamasha dress online shopping

Even if anyone wants they can buy the dress and shirt as the combo and they can wear it as two individual dress if anyone wants to buy it off the rack please check our site

Deepika Padukone dress is wearing a summer collection dress, and the fabric comfort is so good that it is made of fine cotton. The nude colour gives you a very comfortable and satisfying feeling to the person boosting the confidence level of a person and making the person feels so fresh and amazing.

Amazing six styling tips to carry the dress and shirt:
1. This dress can be worn as an individual paired with high heal in black colour.
2. The dress even can be paired with a leather black jacket and dark brown boots.
3. The dress even can be paired with the head and nice wages.
4. The dress can be styled with the kissing shirt, the same as the movie, but the shirt can be tied.
5. The dress can be paired with white sneakers, a high pony plus light make up.
6. The shirt can be paired with the boob tube on the top of the skirt.

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