Floral Ruffle Dress from Kangana Ranaut’s Wardrobe

August 11th, 2021

Planning for a quick family get together or small party post lockdown but not sure how to proceed with the theme style. However, this becomes a difficult task to finalise the dress following safety precautions. Fighting against COVID and carrying out a stylish dress pattern isn’t a difficult task anymore. Bollywoo is one of the best online shopping websites in India. We are here with a pack of Kangana Ranaut dresses from the most iconic movies. Floral Ruffle Dress is such a cute mini dress from one of the iconic movies Judgemental hai kya. 

The dress is elegant in carrying out a pretty cute look maintain the norms of social distancing. The dress has a round neck and cuffed sleeves made up of comfortable rayon fabric. The dress’s cuffs and round neck made up of stretchable cotton fabric. The dress is up to knee-length, and the lower end flared downward like a flower petal. 

Sometimes it is hard to pick one best from a heap of choices, but we have sorted quite a few for your ease to pick quickly. We at Bollywoo strongly feel your emotions and concern about the get to ready look, so that can be completed with Mustard Yellow Jacket, shorts and cartoon print t-shirt, Shoe print dress, Checkered shirt dress, etc. 

No doubt, a Ruffle floral dress is always good to carry out a dress, and you can get in the matching look by combining the dress with white sneakers, classy sliders, or slip-on. Hurry up! Get your hands on Kangna Ranaut short dress online only at Bollywoo with a variety of tastes just with a single click. 

Bollywoo is a hub of online apparel inspired by the silver screen from your favourite actor/actress. Check out the Kangna Ranaut clothing style quotient with ease at home and avail of the maximum discount. 

Celebrity Stylist Q/A with Shraysi Dang

June 9th, 2021
Celebrity Fashion

Meet Shraysi Dang, a celebrity stylist who has worked on various projects like the Filmfare cover shoot with Jacqueline Fernandes and with production houses like Dharma and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Some of the movies she has assisted on are “The Kargil Girl”, “Tuesdays and Fridays”; “Brahmastra”  “Drive” and more. She has also worked on ad films, print campaigns and personal styling for celebrities like Vidya Balan, Nora Fatehi, Divya Khosla Kumar and more.

She has also recently started her own online thrift shop called “DyelogByShra” with the hope to promote and practice more conscious buying and living. Her collection ranged from retro printed shirts to quilted skirts. Since most of them sell out within hours of posting, be sure to check them out and give them a follow on Instagram.

Instagram: @tailored.state.of.mind

Thrift Shop: @dyelogbyshray

Shraysi Dang is a celebrity stylist and entrepreneur who has worked on cover shoots with Jacqueline Fernandes and production houses like Dharma and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. We got to ask her some of your questions!

I’d say street-style describes my style perfectly. I have never been the one to follow trends or buy pieces that would be found in other people’s wardrobes. My closet has a lot of one off pieces that I’ve collected over the years. While I love to draw inspiration from the retro era, layering and oversized clothing are my go-to styles.


A lot of my inspiration is derived from Japanese and South Korean fashion. They are very individualistic, layer like a pro and rock androgyny effortlessly. I also follow street styles at fashion weeks abroad. It gives me a global viewpoint on fashion! Playing dress up has always been therapeutic for me and I consciously try to curate different styles using the same pieces.

Androgyny: the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics into an ambiguous form


To begin with, it’s going to be a lot of hard work! But in the end it all seems worth it. Always remember that styling is not a regular 9 to 5 job and you will have long working hours. You’re going to be hustling all the time. But for me that was the most exciting bit because routine is boring for me. Another very important piece of advice would be to take out some time to keep yourself fit and healthy because the long hours can sometimes take a toll on your well-being. As long as you’re taking care of yourself, you’re good!


I’ve worked with quite a few but my favorite has to be Vidya Balan. She is extremely professional and also very easy going. I really admire her. Jhataleka Malhotra is also great. I worked with her for the movie Tuesdays & Fridays and we had an absolute blast!


We have to work with budgets all the time. It’s best to start with breaking the script down to the number of characters. Then we calculate the number of outfit changes per character. For each change make sure your budget accounts for the clothes, accessories and shoes. Follow the head to toe technique so you don’t miss out on anything and always keep options for every change. This should be a part of your budget. The genre of the movie and the production house are additional factors while calculating budgets.


This totally depends on the type of event. Pieces that are sourced for promotions/editorials/poster shoots or any similar event, go back to the designers/stores once it’s over. Due credits are given to the designer on the celebrity’s or their stylist’s Instagram handle. When it comes to movies/ads the outfits are usually bought and are sent to the production house once the shoot is done.


Few wardrobe staples everyone should have:

– A statement blazer

– An interesting white shirt

– A white tee

– Dark blue jeans that fit you well

– A denim jacket

– An LBD (little black dress)

– Black pumps

– Ballet flats.


Styling for editorials is very different from commercial styling (movies/ads). Editorials give you creative freedom and are refreshingly liberating. It can be a medium to express emotions, thoughts, concepts et al and it totally depends on whether you want to make it real or surreal. It can transport you to a parallel universe. You have all these talented designers and brands at your disposal and to collaborate with.  On the other hand, when it comes to commercial styling you have to consider the client’s wishes/views,  and you have to make it relatable because it’s usually for the masses. You have to keep budgets in mind. I’d say editorial styling is for the soul and commercial for our bank accounts.


Usually we have a person from the styling team present at the event so we try to fix the piece by either sewing it or try to hide it by styling it differently. Other options could be layering the piece or tweaking the garment. It’s totally situation dependent! We also keep options handy for SOS situations. Thankfully, I’ve never been in a situation that went out of hand.


Something that will really come in handy are your research skills and proficiency at PowerPoint. Being a team player largely benefits because you are working with so many people all the time. An exceptional eye for detail and great aesthetic sense will take you a long way as well.


Even though I like to be comfortable on set, I make sure to put thought in my outfit. So it has to be a midi skirt, a tee, an oversized jacket and sneakers. I love wearing skirts 🙂


I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you that I cannot stand the sight of Crocs.

I’m currently obsessed with 70s fashion.


It has to be Leandra Medine Cohen of Man Repeller fame and Anna Dello Russo. I absolutely love their sense of style and the pieces they invest in: out of the box and one of a kind!


A great tip would be to invest in wardrobe staples and working your capsule wardrobe.

Or if you’re someone who likes to have fun with their outfit: mix prints, patterns or textures (you can never go wrong with stripes and paisleys, one print noticeably being smaller or bigger than the other)


My celebrity style crush would be Harry Edward Styles hands down.


I am stoked to tell you about DyelogByShray, a brand I founded last year. We are an online store that not only sells thrifted, upcycled and ethically made pieces but we also curate styles for our consumers. You get the best of both worlds at Dyelog: products and styling services. My vision is to build a community where people practice conscious living and express their individuality through fashion. The aim is to bridge the gap between fast fashion and slow fashion consumers. I have always been inspired by street fashion and want to build Dyelog as a platform that helps people stand out.

Kangana Ranaut’s Style Shoe Print Dress Perfect for Work from Home

June 6th, 2021

The pandemic era of COVID-19 has redefined the parameter of fashion for most people around the world. I am pretty sure that no one would have ever imagined wearing pyjamas on a video conference call with the CEO of
the company would have been termed “Ok”. As the pandemic forced us to shut the doors of our houses raised the desire for loungewear, by simply counting the number of items added to the cart and yet waiting positively for their parcels to reach out to them. According to Google Trends data, loungewear searched has been increased by 1300% from March to April 2020. comfortable clothes are the thing and that's how no wonder how everyone is comfortable spending most of their time at home amid this pandemic situation, self-isolation, and lockdown restrictions.

Whom should we trust for an authentic work from home dress? Well, web shop Bollywoo is the right place to fulfil all your desires of clothing shopping. You can shop for Male and Female stylish clothing to comfort work from home wear on the web shop. Amid this pandemic, you can shop shoe print work from home dress. The shoe print dress made up of knitted satin fabric. The top has a notch neck and loose fit pant fits comfortably. Its loose fit gives luxurious comfort to the body and gives the right amount of air to breathe in. The product is authentic and licensed from Balaji motion pictures with its valid authentication certificate.

Bollywoo believes in delivering a quality product with authenticity and transparency of the amount the product has been charged from the customer. So, why wait when you can avail yourself of the extra benefit of shopping with a single click signing up today on the website.

Safe Online Shopping in Pandemic

May 24th, 2021

As the world enduring one of the most uncertain and difficult time in history, practising social distancing, and trying to keep fitness level up in the routine. In the middle of this pandemic fight, shopping for clothes and non-essentials can seem footling. The coronavirus has, along with other non-essentials, transferred shopping to happen online shopping only. However, retailers and other consumers have increased their presence in online activities. A recent report from McKinsey & Company observed that more than 37% of people are spending their time in online activities due to the current pandemic situation. The current situation has forced the countries around the world either to go for lockdowns or enforcing strict measures of social distancing rules. According to multiple research reports, it has been observed that a lot of online shopping activities shown in the stats around the globe. 

With the rise in online shopping activities, it has become a buffet table for cybercriminals but we need the right ways for safe and best online shopping during the current pandemic situation. You need to enlist certain security precautions before entering e-shopping mode. If all the measures are taken correctly then shopping online is easy, convenient, and safe. 

  1. Pay attention to the network: If you are trying to make a purchase when not at home, always make sure that you are connected to secure internet or data services. If it’s your habit of connecting to free Wi-Fi or named as “Free Wi-Fi” or something similar, then you should always reconsider that you need to do shopping through that network. There are more chances that cybercriminal has set up the Wi-Fi network to capture your personal information. Safety advice – always avoid using public computers for online shopping. 
  2. Select apps carefully: Carefully review what permissions an app requires from you when you install it for the first time on your device. We never questioned an app developer, is it really necessary for an app to access pictures, GPS location, camera and contacts? Some of the applications want to track every keystroke in your phone which included any credentials or credit card data. 
  3. Safe surfing: Always make sure that your devices are protected with anti-malware suits and user interface is up to date. Anti-malware suits contain anti-virus, firewall protection, web filter, and phishing protection. Always use a trustworthy VPN service if you are willing to use public networks. Whenever you need to make an online payment, make sure it is https://www.shop.com and not http://www.shop.com. This is what appears as a small padlock in the address bar.
  4. Web shops or online stores: If you are willing to shop in an online store that’s new to your bucket list, there are things that you always need to keep in mind for safe and secure shopping. Most of the websites may appear trustworthy, but you need to cross-check that if the company exists or not for the goods that you intend to buy. Avoid clicking on the ad banners in the emails or on the web you see if you are not sure that the links are legitimate. If you sense the link is unusual then do not click on it. 
  5. Secure payment: All the trusted websites will have a secure mode of payments through Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or direct payment from the online bank. Always make sure to check your bank account statement and email after making a transaction on the website.


Remember, these are quite a few steps that you need to keep in mind before making an online purchase. Online safe and secure shopping is all about a good payment gateway, which isn’t only beneficial for customers but also for the reputations of the brands. Trusted websites always make the payment gateway easy to implement, reduces the time, and efforts of the customer. 


April 30th, 2021
Distressed denim jacket

You know the feeling when you have to go out somewhere with your friends for a movie or dinner and they’ve seen you in almost all of your outfits and you don’t want to repeat it again? Well, with the help of some key clothing items you can always change things up and give yourself a fresh new look using the clothes you already own. Some staple pieces like a jean jacket can go a long way to help and re-fresh your outfit to make you look stylish and here are some of our tips.

A simple way to change up your look is by color coordinating key items like your t-shirt and the color of your jeans. Pair a black skinny jeans with a black crew neck t-shirt, jean jacket and black sneakers.

Color coordinating has been a trend for years, it’s an easy way to pair the same colors together forming a monochromatic look which is especially great on days when you feel clueless or uninspired. The key to nailing this is by having an outerwear that is subtle but complimentary. Which is why jean jacket or a trench coat is one of those must-have’s in the closet.

This is a great effortlessly stylish look which is perfect when you have plans that’s around the evening time. Add some shades to your look and some accessories like bracelets, earrings or necklaces and you’re good to go. Oh, but please don’t forget about a great cologne. Trust me guys, it matters and yes we girls do notice.

Most of the time, it’s the most simple and subtle details that can dramatically impact the whole outfit. For example, if you pair the same outfit with a white t-shirt and white sneakers instead, it gives it a whole new feel and this outfit is perfect for the day time.

What you will need is a white crew neck or a v neck styled t-shirt and if you like your t-shirts baggy then this will work as well. White sneakers, black jeans, you can also wear ripped black jeans if that’s more of your vibe and try this look.

A great thing about a jean jacket is that it’s the perfect jacket for all seasons. No really, when it’s too hot all you have to do is put it over your shoulders and when it’s spring and chilly, it’s the perfect jacket to keep you warm while complimenting your outfit and personality.

If you’re not a hug fan of sneakers as we are or maybe you’re somewhere in a slightly cold weather, then pair the same outfit we mentioned earlier but with a brown suede boots.

Last but not the least, you can also substitute your denim pants in this look with black joggers/sweatpants. If you’re looking for a lazy hack on how you can upgrade your “effortless” outfit then this is a great way to do so and if it’s too hot to wear sneakers then opt out for leather sandals.

Were these tips helpful? Let us know how you styled your jean jacket by tagging us in your pictures. Don’t forget to get yours from Bollywoo, our jean jacket has been inspired by Sidharth Malhotra from his role in the movie Jabariya Jodi.

Men’s Printed White T-Shirts Perfect for Summer

April 28th, 2021
summer collection tshirts

Summer is in the air! The advent of brighter days and hotter temperatures will make you stock up on summer essentials and breezy men's summer outfits. Summer styles are essentially light, breathable, and comfortable. Taking a cue from the coolest T-shirt for summer in 2021, you can curate a stunning stylish clothing collection that works interchangeably and gives you a reason to look exceptionally versatile all season long. Grab the latest modish style white half sleeve t-shirts only at our web shop Bollywoo. We devise modish styles from the silver screen inspired by famous actors and actresses.

Bollywoo has come up with new modish inspirational quotes white printed t-shirts inspired from the movie Vakeel Saab and others. The white printed t-shirt has a round neck and made up of stretchable cotton knit fabric. Feel The Power – Round Neck White T-Shirt print makes it look elegant and modish, its slim fit can be tapered to the body and a regular fit gives the right amount of air to breathe in.

Vakeel Saab is one of the traditional movies which is trending more with its inspirational dialogues Vakeel Saab Dialogue round neck Tshirt. Our web shop Bollywoo has an amazing “Sataymev Jayate” design printed white t-shirt in the web store Sataymev Jayate round neck Tshirt . The t-shirt has a round neck and made up of stretchable cotton knit fabric. Its slim fit can be tapered to the body and a regular fit gives the right amount of air to breathe in.

Inspiration quotes from the movie Vakeel Saab have put an enlightening remark on people. Check out the latest trendy Pawanism poster print round neck white t-shirt at our web store Bollywoo, The Pawanism round neck Tshirt. The white printed half-sleeve regular fit t-shirt made up of stretchable cotton knit fabric. The t-shirt has a round neck, its slim fit can be tapered to the body and a regular fit gives the right amount of air to breathe in.

Bollywoo is one the finest web store for modish silver screen clothing shopping. Bollywoo always promises quality with style and customer satisfaction at first. We believe as the temperature goes high, so does your style quotient, and with these inspirational quotes, white half sleeve printed t-shirts you are sure to take on the season with ultimate style. Sync the summer heatwave with the modish fashion wave only with Bollywoo. 

Get Ready for Bollywoo Weekend SALE

March 18th, 2021

Online shopping and payment have taken a giant step before pandemic only but did gain more speed during the pandemic. Most of the people started moving towards web shops for groceries, electronic gadgets, and clothing needs. Bollywoo is one of the online clothing web shop offering huge discount on its Latest Weekend Sale Collection for this month only. Bollywoo’s upcoming weekend sale is offering a huge discount on men and women stylish clothing range. Grab the opportunity on Men’s Formal Outfits with up to 75% Off and Women’s Stylish one-piece dresses in the weekend sale as the sale starts from Friday & last till Sunday. Bollywoo is the only platform which is selling all the stylish silver screen men and women clothing.

Bollywoo is ruling the hearts of many youngsters and quite famous among them for its stylish quality clothing. Here onwards, an upcoming weekend sale is showering discount men’s and women’s clothing products. Grab the last chance of this month for a heavy discount on the silver screen star clothing style.Do not miss this chance to dress up like Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Kartik Aryan, Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, and many more style icons. A few of the Friday sale products are as follows:

Get heavy discount on Mahesh Babu look formal shirts.  

  • Maroon Formal Cotton Shirt
  • Charcoal Grey Formal Shirt
  • Red and Green Checkered shirt

Trending Men’s casual Outfits

  • Multi-coloured Casual Shirt
  • Blue, White checks shirt
  • Double layered Maroon Henley
  • Leaf brown full sleeve shirt
  • Casual blue Shirt
  • Azure Blue Half Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Icy Denim Shirt
  • Denim Western Shirt

Women’s Stylish Western Dresses

  • Boho Dress
  • Amber Yellow Skirt
  • Orange Ruffle Dress

Deepika Padukone’s Western outfits

  • Kissing Kin Shirt
  • Gaiety Dress
  • Chevron Skirt

Bollywoo always promises quality with style and customer satisfaction at first. Get your hands on men & women casual, western, and ethnic wear. Do not stop yourself and get your favourite dress at a discounted rate on the upcoming weekend only at Bollywoo. The offer lasts till Sundaywith limited stocks!

Bollywoo Friday SALE is Live!!! Shop before it Ends

March 5th, 2021
bollywoo friday sale

In recent years, people have moved to online webshops for groceries, electronic gadgets, and clothing needs. As part of one of the leading online webshop, Bollywoo Friday sale is around the corner for all fashion lovers. Friday sale is offering a huge discount on men and women stylish clothing range. Bollywoo has curated all the products for its Friday Sale. Bollywoo is the only platform which is selling all the stylish silver screen men and women clothing.

Traditionally, webshop significance came into existence during the lockdown. Bollywoo is already ruling the heart of many even before the lockdown. Henceforth, Friday sale is coming with all the products on discount for males and females. We are offering a huge discount on your favourite silver screen star clothing style. Do not miss this chance to dress up like Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Kartik Aryan, Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, and many more style icons. A few of the Friday sale products are as follows:

Get a heavy discount on Mahesh Babu Look formal shirts.

  • Maroon Formal Cotton Shirt
  • Charcoal Grey Formal Shirt

Trending Men’s Casual Outfits

  • Multi-coloured Casual Shirt
  • Blue White checks shirt
  • Double layered Maroon Henley
  • Leaf brown full sleeve shirt
  • Casual blue Shirt
  • Azure Blue Half Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Icy Denim Shirt
  • Denim Western Shirt

Women’s Stylish Western Dresses

Deepika Padukone’s Western outfits

  • Kissing Kin Shirt
  • Chevron Skirt
  • Boho Dress
  • Amber Yellow Skirt
  • Orange Ruffle Dress

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Try the Trending Trio of Allu Arjun Style Outfits

February 11th, 2021

Carrying the trending style either at the office picnic or get together party isn’t a big deal. We have made it easier for fashion lovers with our web store Bollywoo. Bollywoo is offering a wide range of wardrobe collection & huge discount on the stylish clothing worn by Bollywood & Tollywood actors and actresses. This blog is focusing on the most stylish Tollywood star Allu Arjun and his trending casual trio outfit. Allu Arjun is the ultimate man who has portrayed his tough, smart and chocolaty look through various characters and definitely through his fashion sense.

As a fashion style icon, Allu Arjun never misses a chance to impress the audience with his stylish t-shirt sense. Allu Arjun style double layered casual grey cotton t-shirt shows the combination of round and henley neck is a great pick. The t-shirt is made up of soft, breathable and lightweight cotton fabric. The double-layered combination flaunts bright orange and grey colour. Henley neck and the wooden buttons are designed on a white strip which makes it look amazing. The inner orange layer shows its sights at the end of the sleeves, and its fit is tapered to the body. You can pair this t-shit with light colour denim jeans as the bright orange will enhance the casual look.

We must say Allu Arjun has got a brilliant taste of showing colours through his clothing sense. Whether it is a t-shirt, shirt, jeans or jacket, he never misses a chance to impress the audience. Allu Arjun style half sleeve casual shirt has checks vertically and horizontally at the front side and plain at the backside. The placket of this shirt is nicely designed with wooden buttons which are giving a coat like feel to the shirt, and the shiny brown shade
buttons are hidden inside the placket. The shirt is made up of lightweight cotton fabric, which is soft on the skin and elegant in style. You can pair this casual shirt with light colour chinos or denim jeans and semi-formal shoes.

Whether shirt or t-shirt people are obsessed with Allu Arjun street style which looks cool, comfortable and extremely adaptable. The stylish half sleeve shirt shows woven micro checks and it is a reflection of pure sophistication blended with splendid style. The dual-tone collar and shiny button on the placket add elegance to the shirt style. The shirt has a regular fit, tapered to the body, and the shirt brings Allu Arjun’s charm and
dashing style with it. You can pair this shirt with denim and boots for a casual outing.

You can pair the Trending Trio of Allu Arjun Style Outfits as follows:
1. Pair the casual grey t-shirt with dark shade jeans and sneakers.
2. Pair the casual grey t-shirt with chinos and sliders.
3. Pair the multicoloured check shirt with denim jeans and leather shoes.
4. Pair the multicoloured check shirt with light shade denim and white sneakers.
5. Pair the woven check shirt with denim and casual sneakers.
6. Pair the woven check shirt with chinos and sandals.

Vijay Devarakonda Style Off-White Sweatshirt

January 25th, 2021
Vijay Devarakonda Style Off-White Sweatshirt

Enjoying the winter season but still missing the spark of carrying style in your winter’s wardrobe. Bollywoo focuses on providing silver screen style clothing for all seasons. We are here with Vijay Devarakonda style full sleeve off-white sweatshirt. The t-shirt’s off-white colour is so elegant that makes it perfect for casual wear. The actor Vijay Devarakonda wearing this full sleeve white sweatshirt in a scene where he is looking dashing. You can pair this off-white full sleeve t-shirt with light blue trousers and sandals for a casual outing.

Vijay Devarakonda Style Off-White SweatshirtFull sleeve white sweatshirt is one of the best collections from men’s winter wears. The sweatshirt is made up of 100% acrylic fabric which can be beautifully tapered to the body, leaving the right amount of room for the air to pass. The sweatshirt has a round collar, and its distressed style looks casually elegant. The sweatshirt is flaunting ribbon at the bottom and look classy. The sweatshirt’s fabric, loose fit and comfort inside give the best outlook. Vijay
Devarakonda style full sleeve off-white sweatshirt is the officially licensed product available on the online shop Bollywoo. You can pair the full sleeve off-white sweatshirt with light blue denim jeans and sandals for a picnic with colleagues.

Pair the full sleeve white sweatshirt in the following ways:
1. Pair the off-white sweatshirt with loose cargo and high ankle boots.
2. Pair the off-white sweatshirt with dark share trouser and semi-formal shoes.
3. Pair the off-white sweatshirt with distressed denim jeans and casual sneakers.
4. Pair the off-white sweatshirt with straight fit jeans and sliders.